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Making Love Last

It is that time of year, the sun is shining and days are longer. My life is spent thinking, talking and researching love and what makes it last. I was fascinated to read John Gottman’s psychological research into what makes love last and the five indicators he identified. His work in his relationship lab is

Perfect Parenting

There is no such thing as the perfect parent. There I said it! Many of us strive for that goal which in its self is not a bad thing but not if it makes us feel like a failure. Children don’t need a super parent, nor the perfect version of you just you with all

Choose your counsellor wisely!

So you are experiencing some problems in your marriage and you have decided that it would be useful to have some couples counselling. This is may be a turning point in your relationship. Deciding on who you are happy to work with and trust is imperative. Finding a well trained and accredited therapist who has

Who would benefit from relationship therapy?

From the time we take our first breath we are relational in nature. Relationships are vital for our wellbeing and happiness. I work with all relationships including those that are seeking one. I work with people who are stressed anxious or isolated. Couples who are perhaps no longer communicating or are feeling like the relationship

Taking Charge of Your Life, Just When You Think Your Body is Winning!  

The menopause, the change, the pause. Whatever you call it, it is a time to reevaluate. Hormones collide at a period of great change in our lives. Our children are starting to leave the nest, partners will now have a clear idea of their career trajectory, and in turn what all this means for your family and

Boundaries for Children with Phones

Communication is central in my practice. It is the corner stone to almost all of our conversations. So it is strange perhaps for me to be talking about not communicating! I work with many parents around how to manage technology in the home. Surprisingly often, parents are equally obsessed. There is a huge amount of

Good Relating in a Nutshell

It was towards the end of a session with a couple whose relationship had turned around, grown and found its Mojo. Occasional sessions are affirming, not only for them but for me. It keeps me ever mindful that working with people to make meaningful changes is very rewarding—if not life changing. We were about to say

The secret art of communication

“Help we might as well be talking different languages!” “We just don’t communicate very well” One section in my intake form is on communication. This is often the part that causes the most discussion.  Each person brings with them a different style of communication and it can often feel like our partner might as well

How to save a relationship

I hold sessions with a couple whose relationship has turned around, grown and discovered its mojo. Their occasional sessions are affirming, not only for them but for me as well. It keeps me mindful that working with others to make meaningful changes is very rewarding – if not life changing. We were about to say

Mr or Ms Right… under your nose!

Online dating is a minefield of conflicting advice, unwanted advances and disappointment when Mr or Ms Right takes a long time to materialize. In an article I wrote for Digital Romance, I look at the illusions sold to us by the multi-billion pound industry that is called being single and dating, and offer some advice